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Welcome to our new site. As you read this words we are working on translating it into English and make it available for you. Meanwhile- here is a little bit of information about us.

“Over Israel” Ltd was establishing in 2003 by Moran Itzckovich- the first commercial pilot in Israel.  Over Israel is now the biggest hot air balloon company in Israel with a record of over a thousand flight hours, a school specializing in hot air balloon studies and a few graduates who are now certified pilots as well.

The flights take place in a few areas for your choice.  In the Northern Negev from the nature reservation “Ruhama’s Badlands” ( Bitronot Ruhama).  It is a wide area rich with plantation, fields, Historical sites and different animals. This area was chosen by Moran after finishing a unique two week journey on a Hot air Balloon above and a cross Israel.

The company is also flying in other locations such as Sde Boker- desert view close to the crater. A breath taking sight of a vibrant ant yet  silent view.

There are flights above the Gilboa in the north of Israel. See the green fields and the many villages in the area.

Flying on a hot air balloon is like no other experience. The silence and beauty during the flight can only be possible with this unique aviation devise that makes you feel like you are floating on air. The morning of the activity starts at sun rise. Part of a hot air balloon magic is seeing the sun come up and watching the view from above, while it awakes for a new day.

The activity takes about 3 hours from the moment you arrive till the moment we bring you safely back to your car.  We all get together at 5:30 in the morning at a meeting point according to your chosen flight area. we will go for a short ride to the preparation and take off spot.  After inflating the balloon we take off  for 60-90 min of a magical flight. At landing point we will open a bottle of Champagne and hand out a certificate for each of our customers.

Over Israel is flying with the biggest and newest hot air balloon in Israel, one that can hold up to 18 passengers. It is also known as the “Super Jumbo”.



  • Is the flight suitable for every person?

    The flight is not an extreme activity; it is suitable for all who can stand for about an hour, except pregnant woman and children under the age of five.

  • What does the activity include?

    A full and welcoming service, hot drinks and sweet snacks before the flight, about an hour long flight in variable heights, a video of the experience, a personal certificate for attending a hot air balloon ride, and a ride in the fields\ roads back to the meeting point.

  • Join a flight, or a private experience?

    When you join a flight the price is per person. If you are a couple, one person a family or even a group- this options is surely recommended. In a private flight- the crew and the balloon itself is dedicated to you only. The price is per balloon. If you are looking for a romantic flight, a personal family gathering, or if you are a large group- it could be the right kind of flight for you.

  • How many passengers can fit in the balloon?

    The number of passenger is 8 up to 18 participants. Do not let the numbers alarm you- the basket is divided by partitions, so there is a private section to every 3-4 passengers.